211 HelpLine Volunteer Appreciation Features a Special Tribute to Sunshine Volunteer Nat Price Who Turns 100 in May

April 13, 2015- A call to 211 HelpLine is the starting point for help & “hope when you need it the most!” 211staff have made a difference in the lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals and families since the program launch. But nothing is as heartwarming as 211’s Sunshine program. Staff and volunteers call over 500 seniors daily to say “hello” and to check on their wellbeing. This program is also life-saving- with 10 seniors in crisis helped within the past year. 211 is grateful for the help of numerous volunteers dedicated to this program.

A special tribute will take place this Friday for a special gentleman who has been making Sunshine calls for the past 12 years. Nat Price will be turning 100 this May and has enjoyed brightening the days of seniors- usually younger than he is every Saturday morning.

Nat learned about 211 by a friend of his and thinks the agency is “wonderful.” Nat enjoys “doing something for the public.” “It feels good and keeps me busy,” he said. “You have to keep busy!”

Lillian Ziperman one of 211’s Sunshine Clients recounts the story of how she was greeted on her birthday with her Sunshine call…the volunteer on the other end asked how old are you? Lillian responded “well I am turning 92!” The gentleman laughed and said “You’re just a kid!” “How old are you?” asked Lillian. He answered “I’m 98!” She laughed and said “I should be calling you!” That volunteer was Nat about two years ago.

If you or someone you know would like a daily Sunshine call, simply dial 2-1-1. This program is free and available to individuals who are over 60, housebound or disabled living in Palm Beach or the Treasure Coast Counties.

Nonprofit 211 Helpline’s mission is to connect people to services 24 hours a day by understanding their individual emotional, financial and community needs and to support the health & human service system as a whole.

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